Prior to your appointment we suggest some advance planning; this effort will enhance the finished results. Clothing selections are important and should be well thought out. We suggest that your wardrobe be appropriate to your personal style and build. Our goal is to create variety, you can assist by including outfits that vary in color and style.

Clean and pressed clothing always looks best. Bring your changes on hangers. Classic choices are best, but a trendy outfit is ok too. We don't limit your changes, but suggest that three or four outfits will allow the best outcome. Don't forget to coordinate your accessories too (shoes, jewelery, hats, etc.) In addition, we suggest bringing a personal item, such as a musical instrument, a pet, sports clothing/equipment, or a letterman's jacket.

Horizontal stripes, loud prints, and patterns are generally not your best choices. Also, we recommend avoiding sleeveless shirts and short skirts. If you will be wearing glasses in the photos, please discuss the options available. If you are having trouble deciding what will look best, bring your choices and we will help you make great selections. Please don't try to pull this all together at the last minute. Remember, we want you to relax and have fun! If you need assistance with the details, your questions are always welcomed - just ask!